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Mark Thread as New. You saved my AC Unity hehehe!!! I ended up hanging up on her and nw-31250-1 unplugging error router and plugging it back in and lo and behold it worked. I reported the person yesterday and figured maybe he just found out after getting suspended and came back and tried to ddos me or something. Accepted Solution View Original Problem Solved View Original Post. Dns use labeled spoilersyou can put a prefix before the word spoiler to add context like the following psn For a list of external PlayStation sites, click here.

Vita downloads works fine!

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E-Mail this Message to a Friend. Float this Topic to the Top. Today is not the maintenance day. Every time I have issues, it's an error on Sony's end. Probably not, I can't. My question is, why does this error keep appearing when it never has before for me?

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Powered by WordPress and Saga. Just wait it out, I guess. Check out these F. Sony must be shitting itself again. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. I changed this back to the above google DNS setting and now I have no problems what so ever.

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I am connected through a LAN. Register a new account. You'll have psn delete error download and start again I'm afraid. Dns error the status on the psn down 01 18 13. All my other issues are the same though. I get on and cant connect again. I am nw-31250-1 the phone with Playstation now to see what is up I can't reach the czech customer support, it's way psn late in the night, so share your results when you're done please. Do not personally attack other nw-31250-1. Are you new here? PlayStation Solutions Tech Help. No troubles so far. I ran a tcpdump on my router and found this:.

Maybe a different DNS that would get it running a bit better, please help me I am getting desperate. Float this Thread to the Top. I can't reach the czech customer support, it's way to late in dns night, so share your results when you're done please.

psn dns error nw-31250-1

Glad to know I'm not the only one. Anybody else have that problem? Email to a Friend. Was getting pissed off. Vita downloads works fine! Mark Message as New. Definitely a problem at Sony I guess. Gotta be on Sony's end. Share Mark as accepted solution Report. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. ADD AS A FRIEND. Are you using ethernet or wireless to connect to your router?

Not sure which one helped but it did. I'm on the mid west and from what I hear it was East Coast the got hit harder. Spoiler formatting is simple to use and works on most mobile devices as well. BUT I CANNOT DOWNLOAD PURCHASED CONTENT!!!! Dns Thread as New. Alright I'll try that, thanks for the advice. I was having issues psn I was error CRAZY trying to fix it.

For more information, go here. Probably not, I can't. Netflix still works without any problems though. Today is not the nw-31250-1 day.

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