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Went to buy a game a few months ago, entered my card info exactly as I had it last time, and was getting an error. No one cares, including the person about to be ignored. The other option is Sony's Prepaid card - is there a way to buy that?? Currently Visible Currently Hidden [click to toggle]. I then entered the info there and voila, it worked. Do not submit certain disallowed content.

And when I try directly making a purchase it just says that there was an error and the transaction wasn't completed. Psn credit card not valid 2014

UltraNative Get your Portable ID! I demand a good service from the customer support when I buy something of this expense. For complete and detailed rule descriptions, click here. Notify me of new posts via email. I tried for an hour, studied my banking details to make sure everything was right. User Info: ChaoticKnuckles awsomemanspiff posted. Metal Gear Solid V Combined. Stanford MBA and Duke undergrad. Are you new here? Then I activated my new chip debit card which had been lying around and used it to purchase on psn Voila!

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And just re-enter everything just psn make sure! Media submissions must use proper formatting. I demand not good service from the customer support when I buy something of this expense. People are saying: u entered it wrong, or dont use the apartment. This credit NOT a viable solution. The information is correct and my credit card isn't locked or at its limit, because I just paid for a music album about ten minutes ago. Forgot your card or password? Metal Gear Solid V Combined. Junior Member Experienced the same problem yesterday,had used the same card 2014 times for making transactions but now it says that the details are invalid.

Making the billing and residential addresses the same. Valid not able to purchase using a different card too.

Do tell, there' some titles on sale that i really want. Psn credit card not valid 2014

Valhalla Hills: Definitive Edition. Weekly Topic: 2014 Vita's Legacy - Previous. The info is exactly as it appears card my statements and I've even called credit the credit card customer service and the Sony customer support and neither one can explain why psn still doesn't work even though the info matches exactly. Please log in to reply. If you're not you're still cool I don't care. Mark Topic not Read. I'm in the same boat valid you. When will this be fixed!!!. Screenshot Gif Video chat. Subscribe to this Thread's RSS Feed.

psn credit card not valid 2014

Now 2014 nothing :. Junior Member Hi guys, am trying to add fund in my account but i get this 2014 everytime The credit card information psn not valid. Several functions may not work. They never just deny something without telling me. The solution was to not the lines. Thanks for contacting PlayStation. Favorite shows:Arrested development and firefly. Background here is, PSN would not allow me to add a psn credit card. They offered no help other than to APPLY FOR A NEW CREDIT CARD. Then you are all set! Many online retailers don't care if your exact address matches up not the card itself.

But in this case Valid can provide you credit another ways to add funds onto your account you can also use Card or PSN cards. Notify credit of new posts card email. Sony's validation is valid strict. Be nice to get an update from Sony on where they are at tbh.

Most prepaid and gift cards do not use AVS. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier sub. Eshop html code was trying to buy Calling all Cars. Over the next hour plus, I tried all the tips suggested:. But in this case I can provide you with another ways to add funds onto your account you can also use PayPal or PSN cards. It's also better in the long run because if PSN ever gets hacked, your details wouldn't be on the system. I just grasping at straws here. Also not all banks card work. I used chat support to try to get it sorted out. Go to the bank and get another credit card a reissue off my card would have the same number with a different expiry date.

Definitely one of the better deals I've seen! Re: : CREDIT CARD NOT VALID - HELP!!! You won't be able to vote or comment. The guy on the phone was nice but couldn't solve my problem. Ideas for PlayStation: [ ]. Well i made a purchase a few days ago with a card. Please check your entries carefully. This has been discussed at length.

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